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Spectrum Technology is your technology solutions partner dedicated to providing clients with the best tactical and strategic solutions with superior business integrity. At Spectrum we combine the client's business objectives, requirements and priorities with the technical expertise and knowledge to deliver the best solution on schedule. 

Spectrum's measurements for the successful delivery of solutions to clients are: quality, cost, timeliness and client experience. Spectrum's ability to deliver a quality solution, using the stated measurements, is the key factor that allows Spectrum to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Our consulting firm provides specialize and non-specialize professional services for diverse industry segments and government (local and federal).


Specialize Services

Non-Specialize Services

Best Practices
Consulting Services Portfolio
>  IT Project/Product Management
>  Data Warehousing
>  HP & Dell Thin Client Solutions
>  Data Center Tape Backup Solutions
>  Data Center Storage Solutions
>  Telecommunications
>  VoIP Trading Solutions
>  Applications Development
>  Networking & Infrastructure cabling
Primary or SubContractor Supplier:
Spectrum is a reseller/supplier of all Information Technology commodities needed for a turnkey solution targeting small business, K-12 and capital/infrastructure projects. Collaborates with business partners and vendors to deploy voice, data and video turnkey solutions. 


Risk Mitigation:
At Spectrum, we adhere to industry standard best practices and ensure all processes are in place to safeguard the client's interest with respect to data confidentiality, information security standards and business strategies.




Technology Partners

Connecticut S/MBE certified





GNEMSDC certified

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