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In the new global economy where companies must leverage technology and an international footprint to compete, deploying the correct IT solution is critical. As companies navigate through the technology landscape, Spectrum’s proven capabilities, knowledge network and experience can help your organization align the various technology solutions to the business strategy and road map.
Our consulting services portfolio offers:


IT Project and Product Management
  • Project Management is the overall planning and co-ordination of a project including its dependencies from inception to completion. The complete project should meet the agreed upon client's requirements while ensuring completion on time within cost and meeting all quality standards. Methodologies such as SDLC, Agile, etc. are leverage.
  • Business Processes and System Analysis for disparate business processes, system and legacy infrastructure to recommend an integrated technical solution with a viable implementation approach.
  • Technical Documentation - RFP, Specs: Functional, Design, Test, etc.
  • Product Development Life Cycle - Software/Application Development
  • Data Quality Methodologies - Best practices to measure accuracy, consistency, etc.
  • Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing is a repository of an organization's electronically stored data. 

    • Architecture - Enterprise vs Silo Data Marts
    • Schemas- Star, Snowflake
    • OLTP vs OLAP database design benefits
    • OLAP Tools
    • Analytics/Business Intelligence reporting
    • Data Modeling
    • Custom ETL scripts
    • Reporting



    Our expert trading floor knowledge can help you manage your telecommunication expenses. Spectrum can audit your trading system to ensure the optimum usage of private lines. Our services can help you reduce your monthly telecommunication cost. Key areas which would be analyzed are:

    • System Audits
    • Trading Floor Cost Savings Solutions for Voice
    • Private line grooming
    • Revenue Recovery
    • Private Lines Request for Proposal
    • Data Center evaluations

    VoIP Turret Enterprise Consulting
    With today's VoIP technology, brokerage firms can minimize interruptions to their business due to unplanned disaster scenarios. VoIP technology allows brokerage firms to reduce network and private lines cost, deploy hot standby trading seats for continuity of business and allow branch offices to leverage a single backroom, which adheres to the approved Information Security Standards. Spectrum provides Subject Matter Expert consulting for the architecture and network design of the Financial Turret Trading Enterprise leveraging CISCO multi tier architecture with multi locations for BCP/DR, line networking, IP (SIP forking) private lines, IP Hoot and Holler, IP Telephony, centralized administration, IP recording, etc.  



    Applications Development

    Spectrum developers can maintain and create/develop custom enhancements for any database application.    

    • UNIX Scripts
    • PERL
    • SQL- Informix, Oracle, DB2
    • C, ESQL
    Information Technology and Telecommunications Supplier 
    Spectrum's knowledge network and vendor relationships allows it to be a supplier of all software and hardware require for Information Technology (IT) and networking infrastructure projects.  The subject matter expert (SME) consulting service is part of the turn key solution. Commodities offered include:
    • All computers (laptops, desktop, servers, enterprise, etc.)
    • Computer accessories (memory, printers, monitors, tapes, etc.)
    • All software packages (accounting, publishing, networking, analytics, etc.)
    • Surveillance Video Equipment (cameras, lens, recorders, etc.)
    • Data Center Storage & Tape backup equipment 
    • Intercoms
    • LAN switches
    • Phones, smart devices 
    • UPS